We produce details from different kind of steel, designed for automotive and non automotive industries. We offer different capacity eccentric and hydraulic punching presses, stamping machines.

Designing and production of stamping tooling

We develop, prepare 3D design, and produce complex progressive dies as well as simpler contract tooling.

Contact welding

Spot welding

Mig-/Mag welding



Jonavos str. 68A, Kaunas, LT - 44191
Tel.: +370 37 331 484, 331 485
Fax.: +370 37 331 249

About us

HI-STEEL was founded in 1994 in Kaunas. The main company’s activity is the manufacture of stamped, deep drawn, welded steel components; production of stamping tools, and equipment for the automotive and other industries according to a customer’s unique drawings.


We specialise in small series production (annual volume from 100 to 50.000 units) as well as in high volume production in advanced progressive stamping tools. Today, we serve clients of all sizes across automotive and many different industries from EU countries, such as Germany, Sweden, Poland, and Baltic States.


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